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Ken Baker chats about:

His 17 year career in Hollywood, working as
E!'s Chief News Correspondent
How he knew this is where he would always end up...
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Chris Salvatore chats about:

His new movie,
By the Way
His cult-classic, "
Eating Out" movies
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Lisa Matassa chats about:

Her new hit,
Somebody's Baby
Why she left the music business and why her comeback is stronger than ever
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Adrienne Maloof chats about:

Her new vodka,
Why she wanted to be a part of the
NOH8 Campaign & LA Pride
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Jorge Cruise chats about:

His passion for dietary science which has lead to a totally new way to think about calories, as he explains in his new book,
THE 100.
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Farrah Abraham chats about:

Life after
Teen Mom
Why she
filmed a sex tape
What's next for her
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Janel Parrish chats about:

NEW season of Pretty Little Liars
Her new film, The Concerto
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Shane Bitney Crone chats about:

His journey of a loving and committed relationship that was cut tragically short, what happened after the accidental death of his partner and how it was as if he never existed – because in the eyes of the law, he didn't
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Fran Drescher chats about:

Cancer Schmancer
Why early dictation is best
Home self checks
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Chely Wright chats about:

Her struggles with coming out
The LIKE ME Organization, which provides education, support and resources to LGBT individuals, their families and friends
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Mark Cirillo chats about:

TLA Nomination
GLEE (and being naked on set)
His new movie 
The Seminarian

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Austin chats about his hit CW show, Beauty and the Beast, and his work with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
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Andrea, ex-wife of R. Kelly, drops by and dishes on her past relationship, abuse and so much more...
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These music producers/DJs are credited for the House and Electronic music explosion in the U.S.
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Mother of R&B superstars Brandy and Ray J, Sonja B. Norwood opens up about the entertainment business and her new self-help book, Change Starts with Me.
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Helena chats with Matty about her new single, Sun is Rising, and how she got started in the business with "the London look!"
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Stacey Tookey, executive choreographer of SYTYCD, stops by for a revealing chat!
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Kris chats about why she wrote the New York Times best seller Kris Jenner…and All Things Kardashian as well as what we can expect from her in the future!
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In his most revealing interview ever, Reichen talks about his 10-year TV career, the story behind the naked photos and why he will NOT be returning to season 3 of The A List: New York.
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Star of Glee & Wicked, Kristin talks about her new show on ABC, GCB!
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Chaz talks about what his status of transgender American icon means to him in these changing times.
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Creator of That Makes You Homosexual, explains the process behind a parody.
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Jesse joins the party with an EXCLUSIVE interview about his new horror movie, CHERNOBYL DIARIES.
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Returning favorite gives the exclusive on his new single: DIAMOND DREAMS.
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Star of the new TV Land comedy series, Retired at 35 and the hilarious, viral FUNNYORDIE political satire videos.
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Budding model, hockey player and star of the new film, Heart of a Woman.
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Meagan, former Miss California USA, is now playing Lulu Pope on the hit, new drama: Jane By Design.
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Hear upcoming star Adam Tyler talk about & play his latest hit I Won't Let You Go!
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Filmmaker & blogger Ryan James Yezak chats about his new documentary, Second Class Citizens, and his viral YouTube project, Gays of the Week!
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Kanbeei's talking about his unique musical style & how his "lyrical gift" is making all kinds of good things happen for him!

Kanbeei Karlson & Marck Thomas: Drake:
Motto Remix

Kanbeei Karlson: Tyler the Creator:
Yonker Remix
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Dr. Dorfman talks about his work on the ORIGINAL Extreme Makeover & hit talk show The Doctors. PLUS get his tips for a "Beverley Hills" smile.

Dr. Bill Dorfman on
1-800-DENTIST Commercial
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Dixie, a fellow Atlantis entertainer, explains how it feels to be "the worlds LEADING tupperware saleswoman."

"…a Southern-fried version of Dame Edna…can we just say: What. A. Riot." -
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Crazy new song & video: Unzip Me

Lady Gaga & CAZWELL:
Bad Kids
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Meital performs Yummy Boyz at the New Circus Disco

Cherry Pop performance video online
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GIVE YOURSELF UP soars up the charts on Billboard Club Chart to #20!

GoPride.com interviews Adam

TMZ leaks GIVE YOURSELF UP video, "THE summer dance anthem!"
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Carrie returns to The Good Wife

Carrie says It Gets Better

A Bag of Hammers to hit theaters this fall